A friend of ours offered us dinner in her house and I remember excusing myself from the sitting room to the kitchen.

Me: Please dish our Eba and soup separately

She: Why? My husband and I eat together.

Tonight, I was reminded of the reason I make certain not to dish our food in the same plate. I ignored the tiny voice in my head and served our Eba and Egusi soup on the same plate. Stanley kept distracting me

“Look at that goal”

“Look at Nkem”

“Please get me another glass of water, this  isn’t chilled anymore”

These didn’t mean a thing to me until I was full and decided to sign off with the customary meat after meal. I used my fingers to explore the soup.
a. Shaki—–> Nil
b .Pomo—–>Nil
c. Beef——->Nil

I nearly cried and I did not hide it “This is why I don’t eat from the same plate with you o”

Stanley tickles me and with that glint of mischief in his eyes he goes “Doesn’t matter, so long as you sleep in the same bed with me”

First Posted on Facebook: September 24.2013



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