This morning, my son was very reluctant about going to school. I knew it was the adjustment from the previous playgroup class to this new one with work a bit more serious. But for asking sake, I interrogated

Me: Did your teacher beat you?
Him: No

Me: Did your classmate beat you?
Him: No

I wondered if anyone would try to beat him. He breastfed quality Nafdac approved substance for almost two years, he feeds quite well, and likes a bit of junk too. The point is that he is easily in the top three big kids in his class. I however understand that while you are busy bringing up your child to be peaceful ,loving and generous, some other parents are not sufficiently bothered about how their kids behave towards others.

So just in case, I told him what I heard my friend tell her own child

“Never fight in school, don’t look for anybody’s trouble and don’t beat anybody up…but if anyone beats you ,drop your school bag and beat the Shit out of them!”  [Shit of course, was translated to a little child’s lingua]

Bottom-line is, it is important to know early in life, that only the fit survive

First posted to facebook: September 25.2013



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