My baby kept me awake all night, she slept at 4.00am. The others all had minor ailments ranging from a stomach upset to a nasal congestion that I had to nurse all day. So I did something this morning I didnt feel good about. I overslept and even when Dera woke me up

Dera: Mommy school

Me and my sleepy head: Sleep Dera,today is Saturday

This was because it was raining heavily and I made up my mind not to wake up or even go out in that cold. And when his Dad asked, I explained how being exposed to such heavy cold and rainfall wasnt healthy for a boy that young.(Of course he saw through the flimsy excuse).

Bottomline is this, I bet there are sometimes a woman gets just so overwhelmed. You must fight it with will power and not let it overcome you too often. While I feel bad and I will make sure I take him through what he should have learnt today, I am consoled by the very plain honest truth,that body no be firewood

First posted to facebook: October 4.2013


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