An insominic story: Identify your selling point

The indomitables
The indomitables

Sometimes your toddler won’t just sleep, you must know and be prepared for this.

On some nights, they will wake up and ask for indomie, then ask you to lift them to the fridge so they can stick up their ‘indomie thing’. If you dont look upset yet, they will proceed to eat only the egg and leave the noodles untouched. Already playing politics, it was never about hunger.

This got me thinking, there really is power in perfect branding. I recall the first indomie super heroes years back, they were not magnetic stickers. The first noodle ad to catch the Boss’s fancy was “To me,to you, its up to us to make they world a better place…”.

The next sing along was “Honeywell, noodles *insert scream* bamlalala, bamlalala…”. He never asked me for honeywell noodles though but since these magnetic stickers, its been one indomie after the other. Maybe kids prefer what they see over what they hear?

When I want to bite my fingers at the carton depleting faster than budgeted, I change my mind and smile. Indomie has identified their selling point years ago and are maintaining it. They know they need to convince the children not us.

What me I know is how to turn every insomnia these kids put me through to an academic revenge. I have put that boy in front of the fridge and ordered him

“Count all the stickers oya!”

That will stick numbers 1-30 in his head very soon.

Bottomline is this, we must all know that we do not have two chances to make a first impression. What is your own selling point?. D’Prince did that track some good. In the meantime, I shall return to sipping my Mirinda+ Vodka mix (my unfailing company in moments like this) and smiling with satisfaction.

The pikin wey say im mama no go sleep…


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