Honda is the dog I had for a few weeks many years ago. I love animals but same cannot be said of Kabiyesi. Are my kids going to have their own dog,cat or rabbit much later? To be honest, i dont know. What I know is that if they grow up wanting one, we shall conduct an election, Kabiyesi will lose and we shall buy two dogs and a cat.

Until then, holding conversations with a fellow animal lover keeps me satisfied on the pet Hunger.

Sunmonu Lanre (Slimbone)
Sunmonu Lanre (Slimbone)

Sunmonu Lanre is a Zoologist, Conservationist and an alumnus of the University of Lagos. He has loved animals all his life and has a soft spot for Dogs in particular. After his NYSC, his passion led him to decide to make money from his hobby-importing dogs, dog breeding and specimen supplies).

Should kids keep pets?
Yes they should.  Pets instill in them a feeling of responsibility, makes them love more, appreciate God and respect all creatures created by God.

What sort of pets can they keep?
Animals kids can keep as pets includes fishes(aquarium), puppies of some particular breeds, kittens,rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds etc.

On dogs in particular, what breeds do you recommend as pets?

In my opinion, the top three dogs that get along with kids and the family are; the British Bull dog, the Labrador or Golden retriever and the Pugs.

More on these dogs…

The British Bulldog:

The British Bull-Dog
The British Bull-Dog

A docile, friendly, and loyal dog, it gets along well with other pets and dogs, too.

What you must know:  These dogs is that they are prone to breathing problems; some also have small windpipes. They have poorer eyesight, the  cherry eye. They are susceptible to heatstroke in warm weather or hot rooms and cars.

If all proper care is taken of them as well as regular veterinary checks, they fare just right.

The labrador or Golden Retriever

The Labrador
The Labrador

For a family, there’s hardly a better choice. Retrivers love to please their humans, they are very playful, protective, loving and reliable.

What you must know: They are very healthy breeds but equally have their own health challenges. They are Prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, PRA, mast cell tumors and eye disorders. Regular Veterinary checks is required to keep them balanced and happy.

The Pug

The Pug
The Pug

They get along with other dogs and pets and their behaviour is quite impeccable both children and visitors.

What you should know: Pugs catch colds easily and are stressed by hot and cold weather. They are prone to allergies and their short muzzles contribute to chronic breathing problems making them wheeze and snore. So also, regular veterinary checkups are necessary.


Here is Havoc, one out of Lanre's many dogs with Timaya.
Here is Havoc, one out of Lanre’s many dogs with Timaya.

Lanre (also fondly called Slimbone) has sold dogs to numerous families who keep recommending him to other families.

Here is a video of his personal dog, a two-year old male American Pitbull who was so mature and well behaved he got to feature in the musical video of Alubarika, Patoranking ft Timaya) . You can watch and download here  —->

You can reach Lanre for your pedigree exotic puppy/Dog breeds and Specimen supply (exotic animals).

08034245747, 08127112494.
Instagram: @iamslimbone Lanre delivers nothing but the best.

Personally, I tell people who are still confused about it to take the bold step and buy dogs for their children, Every time i drive out of shoprite, I annoy those guys who sell dogs at the roadside by inviting them into the car and holding the dogs for as long as I can while haggling in a voice that I hope hides my disinterest at buying. Those few minutes holding those pups in my arms and stroking their furs make me so happy I ignore the silly Danfo drivers I encounter later on.

I think i’m ready for a new dog, I shall stroke Kabiyesi’s head for all it’s worth.

Photo credit: Sunmonu Lanre (Slimbone)

Appreciation: To Lanre, who let me into the world of his dogs.

… and as always, to Kabiyesi for ignoring the increased time allocated to the Laptop


7 thoughts on “IN MEMORY OF HONDA…

  1. Am a dog lover,and had 2 within a decade. Am sure d next one will be from Lanre. Just want to be sure is 100 pcent like I was deceived in d past.. Thanks for d write up/s. Chukwu gba gi ume.


  2. Dear Anonymous,
    If you need further assurances on Lanre’s breeds. Kindly contact him directly or me via my contact page.
    Amen and thanks.


  3. Lovely! I grew up having dogs and cats for pets. I can agree that they made me responsible; because I fed them; bathe them( apart from the cats); and even assisting in the birth of new puppies. It was something I always looked forward to.
    So it won’t be a bad idea getting pets for your kids, especially dogs. You’ll only need to keep a close eye on your kids if they are under aged.


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