Why you shouldn’t sell your husband’s playstation.

When I saw an OLX ad for the first time, I thought about what I could upload in my house and scream “Sell it!”.

My roving eyes rested on the Playstation. I dont know the playstation situation in your house, mine is not bad to be honest. At least Kabiyesi is not like my friend’s hubby who gets over an Arsenal match loss by setting Arsenal and the other team and scoring all the goals he wished they did against the computer. Kabiyesi never even plays against the thing, he prefers human competition. Did I mention that I play too?

Yet, in a momentary wave of Jealousy I feel like selling that thing. I never got round to and I never figured out why. I did today, the answer hit me at the same time the fumes from my palmoil bleaching did.

I can’t sell our Playstation. The day it is tired it will put itself in Ghana-must-go and leave the house but the quit notice wont come from me.

If you have one, here is why you shouldn’t too.

1. Crowd Magnet: If you are a crowd lover like us, dont sell that thing. Sometimes our friends come straight here after a hard day at work and just need to unwind. That Playstation works like magic and if I feel generous enough, i’ll add dinner.

The result is this, people see your house as a good shoulder to lean on. Admit it, its a good feeling.

2. Late Meal escapes: When they are at that game, seconds feel like minutes,minutes like hours, hours like days. So yes, if that village fowl is taking all the time in the world to get soft, worry not my sister. Your man wont come asking “How far?” at the kitchen door every five minutes.

3. Spoils of war: If your playstation games aren’t spiced up already, spice it up woman! Never stay away from the guys when they are at it. Referee them. I have a regular supply of toblerone white chocolate, the losers buy it. Dont allow them bet, except its to bet in favour of supplying your addictions. If your man loses, still take your wins, that is how you keep up your reputation as an unbiased umpire.

4. Request time: That thing you’ve been wanting to ask for but you dont know how. Watch your man, when he’s leading in the games, go and ask for it. You should know this bit already. He is more likely to respond “approved baby!”

5. Pro-youthfulness: With that PlayStation, I have watched men become boys in my house. They forget that they are somebody’s husband/fathers and jump and scream excitedly. I love it when they do, life is not twice.

6. Kids: I know we worry sometimes about our kids and video games. My dad sent ours away quite early saying “Fa ga apigide game,pipu ubulu fa“- That we will press that game and press our brains away. I love kids who come here and request for a round or two, we all love sociable children. I agree that an overdose may not make fantastic children but i’ll still point the way to my kids. This is not such a bad carrot and stick method. Tell them all you want of them,in return for the game sessions.

7.Family planning: This one is Kabiyesi’s idea o. I put him in the dock once and asked him to give a speech as to why I shouldn’t sell the thing. The man is blessed with wit that can disarm you. Here is his reply;

Baby, you remember that man we saw that had seven children in four years? It is because they dont have PlayStation. The man turned the woman to his PlayStation, his Ludo,his draft and his Nchorokoto.

I fell in a fit of laughter, I dont know but I saw sense in that,somehow!

For the above reasons, the PlayStation remains part of the family. I look at it with bigger love hence. So woman, dont sell it!

If you cant beat them, join them.
If you cant score goals, referee the match.

Merry Christmas!…and a wonderful 2014.


9 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t sell your husband’s playstation.

  1. You missed out on the main reason why you shouldn’t sell a man’s PS: You’ll kill him. Computer games are our life, after football. Our women come 3rd. Not that we don’t love our women,but a REAL man would reschedule a date with his girl to a later time if his friend challenges him to a quick game. So in the order of things, this is how we REALLY feel: Football—–> PS——> Babe.

    In the light of the above, if you take away his game, you kill his ego,his manliness…..you kill him. Ask real niggas.


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