Ilozumba Chukwuebuka is a young, vibrant engineer with deceptive looks to match (not doing away with it soon). I love engaging in healthy debates from time-to-time. Writing is not a do-or-die affair for me. Just enough to save my life as you have read. I could get a bit philosophical in approaching life’s issues and believe in letting people show who their real self. Deception is highly despised. I believe I am an easy-going person but wouldn’t force that view on you.
He lives in Eastern region, Ghana.

Each time I recall that I learnt the adulterated significance of Feb 14 before the real deal, I am at loss for whom to blame.

Do I blame the Church for not even hinting me or do I blame the secular world for adopting what was not its own as Val’s Day?

Girls always had a way of making funny requests/expecting packages ahead of the day. If they could colonise Dec 25th, – Our Lord’s birthday oh – who is St. Valentine? Igbarolum Christmas, Valentine erugokwa.
Vally day always approached with a buzz back then in secondary school. I got involved in my SS2 as my SS3 seniors had forced us into helping them make up for what they lacked. They would assemble us (by calling ‘one booooy’, ‘one juuuu’) and assign roles as such;
“Felix, I heard you are the Romeo of your set. Tell me what I would script down for this girl on my card”

“Kayode, I know you have the best handwriting. You would do the actual writing.”

“ Ibro, I know your school-mother is her friend. You would deliver the items to her hostel. As for the rest of you on the line, gerrout”

I had always  lusted after loved Ifeoma, my classmate, and eagerly prepared to co-ordinate some super packages for her in my SS3 just as my predecessors had always done. One thing bothered me the most; the standard items usually sent were expensive. How was I going to raise that kind of money? How did those guys do it in sets before me? It was more than monthly pocket money. If I were going to raise a fair amount (with no crime actions), I had to start saving early and that I did.
Most of the money I got the previous year while saying gbaalum Christmas were channelled to ‘Project Impress Ifeoma’. On resuming for the second term, going for class-breaks at the college shop before Val’s day was cancelled. I had to study harder in class during breaks while bonding better with my classmates as it was going to be our last year in school. Yeah, anything to deceive my poor little self because, my Ify had to be impressed.

As the day flew nigh, I ordered my package – a bottle of wine, two cards, pack of cookies, capreece perfume (I never used one myself) & a hand-knit heart-shaped  handkerchief –through friends that had the penchant of sneaking out of school. Classes seemed a bit too long on the 14th as I couldn’t wait to be off to my room and wrap things up for the great evening. I was going to have some nice discussion and fantasising about our cute kids with her, followed up with a surprise delivery through a junior boy.
Things went well should have gone well. I sent my boy off to her as soon as I got back to the hostel after our vally discussions and jumped into bed to continue fantasising about Ify, the mother of my kids. But alas, as Mailer Daemon would do to my misdirected e-mails, the package came back to me in one piece. Had I been rejected? Oh no, this couldn’t be. I wanted to be sure but in private.
He had seen her but on handing over the package, she explained that the House Masters & Senior Boarding House Master (SBHM) had mounted a checkpoint right in front of their hostel. Items leaving or entering the hostel were thoroughly scrutinised and non-academical items were being seized and the carrier also detained. She wasn’t going to take that risk.

Phew! That was close but damn it. I had planned for this day a long time and this is how it all ends? Tried planning for piece deliveries but my homeboys were ready for the kill as they advised that it wouldn’t make sense again after that night. Sounded good somehow as I was really hungry for the items therein. If it were you nko? Since December.

Looking back to that night, it was a long one. I am still reeling of the love I showed myself that night plus the perfume that stepped up my class as an SS3 boy. I have come to understand St. Valentine & his day of commemoration and embrace it for what it really encourages. Along the way however, this belief has been enforced by financial prudence (I don’t get broke) & lack of an actual girlfriend.

Where is Ifeoma by the way?
Life with its scenes and seasons.



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