Getting your pre-baby body back (or better)

Chioma Anyaegbu chats with Jane, who still turns heads after childbirth. Jane Ananyi is an Accountant, proud wife, mother to two kids.


Jane Ananyi
Jane Ananyi


Current weight.


Dream weight

I actually just want to maintain my weight by working out to get rid of some stubborn fat and turning them to muscles;

Exact weight loss goals

Generally to be fit and healthy and to look great in clothes. I do lots of tummy, glute and leg exercises because I want a flat tummy, bigger butt and toned legs 🙂

How do you consider your post-baby bod a problem for you?

I am actually slimmer and healthier than I was post both babies.
I lost my baby weight by ensuring that I do not eat too more than normal after I gave birth. That I breastfed and expressed every chance I had. I would avoid drinks and sugar generally, I would take lots of fruits and veggies also and lots and lots of water. After 6 weeks and clearance from my doctor, I started jogging and skipping. I would do HIIT skipping every day for 30mins (There are videos on youtube on HIIT skipping; could be helpful). I lost all the baby weight 3 months post baby.

The only thing I don’t like(post baby) is the stretch marks on my tummy and that my legs grew one size up 😦

What is work-out for you?

It would be about an hour at the gym which consists of 20 mins intensity workout on the treadmill, then to tummy exercises (crunches, planks, push ups, bur pees, Russian twists e.t.c) then to leg and butt exercises such as weighted squats, jumps squats, lunges e.t.c, and then to arm work outs with about 10 kg dumbbells. Yes, I do believe that ladies should lift because this builds muscles which help you look good and also helps in burning fat. so Yes, I lift.

Do you get enough sleep?

Yes! most times I get up to 7 -8 hours

Nutrition plans

I try to drinks lots of water, eats fruits (watermelon is my favourite) and veggies (Love spinach) and also I love my nuts (pistachio and cashew)


Once in while I indulge.

Scale of 1-10, fruits, vegetables, and seafoods over carbs?


Do you know how many calories you should be eating ?

Yes I do, I try to eat no more than 1,500 calories per day, If I haven’t been working out, I reduce to about 1,200 calories.

What is your idea of an ideal weight?

Well, as long as you feel good and look good and your bmi is within the normal range (I would always like to be within the 19-21 range)

Diet pills, cleansing pills ?

Not at all. All naturale for me!

For the road…

In addition, what keeps me going and motivated to be fit is the fact that I want to look great in clothes and also want to look good and be healthy when I am 60 and over:). Everyone on a weight loss and fitness journey needs to find what their “why” is. i.e. why do they want to go through the stress of working out and carefully selecting their food. Knowing your “why” will definitely keep you motivated.


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