How to Shop right + On the go tips for stylish moms


“ You Are Not Just A Mom, You Are Your Husband’s Wife Also’’

– Freda Athena Benard Ogbolumani

Freda Athena is a makeup artist/image consultant. Follow her tweets via @pinkrubbiez, Facebook:

It gets tiring and irritating when hear excuses like I have to 2 kids or 6kids as the excuse women give as why they’ve forgotten about grooming themselves. At This point many have written off fashion and turn into slobs

Let me remind you that you are not just a mum; you are your husband’s wife… So you have to look good for him too.

I can’t begin to tell you how important it is for you to look coordinated and in control even when you are not.

The best way to look and feel coordinated starts from you, if you feel good it’ll radiate to everything around you. Your hair, face and clothes are important so you don’t look like you’ve been hit by a tuck or you are war with the world.

Fix your brow because they are the most important part of your face, then a bit of lip gloss/lipstick and a little blush, if you can’t go with the whole make up routine because of time.

Make sure your hair looks tidy even if you are not wearing any elaborate style of weave or braids,

Pack it neatly in a bun, considering that you may not always have as much time to hit the salon as you used to, try out styles that will last longer and are stress free.

Find/Create a style that suits you,

Accessories are overly important because they help you change your looks and add spice multiple times to the same outfit,

When shopping for clothes durability and quality should be what you should look out for, something that wont rip with the strain of caring your kids or when playing with them.

Good grooming is important, I can’t emphasize the need to look after your skin and to smell good, if you sweat a lot invest in a good deodorant or a body spray, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

A good bra not only enhances your body shape but makes your clothes fit better (see the GoodBra post)

Have at least 1 pair of good flat shoes and 1 mid-heels, because your shoes speak volumes.

Image Consultant/Makeup Artist



Shopping is usually is a welcomed idea, but when you are on a Budget you begin to rethink. Here are a few tips on how to shop when you are on a Budget.

-Make A List: This is not a day of compulsive buying, no matter how tempting it is Try To Follow The List.
-Prices & Bargains: Its ok to Compare prices and there’s no shame in bargaining, you might just get lucky, exoensive doesn’t always mean quality, most times its your Bargaining Power.
-Prioritize: Know what you need most & get them first.
– If you are buying clothes, buy only what you’ll wear, don’t buy what you’ll decorate your closet with.
– Take only the amount of cash you are willing to spend no extras, so you don’t spend more than your budget.
NOTE : When Buying Clothes, Buy More Classic Pieces Than Trendy Pieces


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