Dear Wifey,

On this eve of our nuptials, I feel there are a few things you definitely
have to know about marrying a bodybuilder.

Bodybuilders, regardless of time or social acceptability, follow their passion. Those of us who toil in the weight room day after day attempting to better ourselves receive a lot of flak for being vain, self-obsessed and egotistical. However, few know the true character it takes to be successful in the endeavor. A bodybuilder does what he needs to do in order
to succeed, he doesn’t make excuses.

I don’t wish to look like those guys with the fleshy jowls, and protuberant bellies; I desire to be able to look at my reflection in the next 20 years and feel happy with what I see. I desire to be strong enough to lift our great grandchildren and take them places. To do this I train religiously every morning and evening, eat healthy portions of nutrient rich foods, and avoid consuming alcohol or drugs.

How do you take care of me, you wonder?

I want you to shake me up from bed when my will is not strong enough to get me awake to work out. I want you to sit on my back when I do my morning pushups, and urge me on when my strength begins to flag and my muscles falter.

My training time is sacred, it is not the time to nag, ask questions, or make a request! I’d like you to stay around, and train with me. I’d love to motivate you when you’re exhausted, to massage your sore muscles after a hard workout and to spot you when your muscles begin to falter on that vital last rep.

My weight bench is my altar, you must keep it holy!!! I’d like you not to hang clothes on my weight bench, spill any liquids over it, step on it with your shoes, or cover my weights with clothes. I should move the bench to the garage, but I sometimes like to crank out a few sets when I can’t sleep.

I want you to prepare six healthy meals for me every day. My first three meals, which I will take to work, need to be high in carbohydrates and fats, while the remaining meals need to be rich in protein and fibre. I sometimes like a snack in between meals, so keep lots of fruits, nuts, and organic juices accessible. I’d like you to join me in eating healthy, because I want to look into your eyes fifty years hence, and still see the beautiful woman I marry today.

Best of all, I want to love me as I am.

Legally Muscled

Chimezie Onwuama
Chimezie Onwuama

Chimezie Onwuama is the Editor-in-Chief of LegallyMuscled www.legallymuscled.blogspot.com,  a cutting edge blog committed to helping everyday people maximise their physical and mental potential by providing the information and tools they need to surpass their goals and improve their physical and mental performance. Chimezie holds a LL.B from the University of Lagos, a BL from the Nigerian Law School and an MSc in Law and Finance from Queen Mary, University of London. He is a certified strength and conditioning coach with 11 years experience in the fitness world.

Chimezie has held several bodybuilding and fitness titles and has trained bodybuilding title holders, martial artists, competitive and corporate executives.



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