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1: Bra Size Changes According To Body Weight- Eg Weight Loss/Gain, Pregnancy, Hormones Etc. Lots Of Women Wear The Wrong Bra.

2: Breasts Are Held Up By Ligaments, Over Time The Will Weaken& Cause Sagging, With The Right Support Bra You Can Prevent Sagging.

3:The Breast Tissue Is Composed Of Glands & Fat No Amount Of Exercising Can Help Lift/Shape The Breasts Once The Breast Tissue Sags.

4: Your Need A GoodBRA, Your Breasts Will Lose Its Shape If You Let Then Hang On Their Own.

5: Pay Attention: The Right Bra Can Make Your Clothes Fit/Look Better, Appear Slimmer And Have A Great Appearance .

6: When The Breasts Still Looks Sagging, Know Your Bra Is Not Doing Its Work Cos Your Bra Is Meant For Support.

7:The Wrong Bra Can Affect Posture, Shape & Overall Health.

8: A Bra Should Lie Firmly On Your Rib Cage, The Under Wire Should Not Dig Into Your Skin Or Breast Tissues, Its Should Sit Flat.

9: The Wrong Bra Can Lead To Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Feeling Of Exhaustion OR Even Failure Of The Lymph Nodes To adequately Drain.

10: When You Wear A Cup Too Small The Breasts Are Supported By The Shoulder Straps,Which Cause Unnecessary Pressure To Your Shoulders.

11: A WorkOut Bra Is Important Cos They Keep The Ligaments From Stretching As The Breast Bounces During Exercise.

12: 2:Maternity Bras Are Designed To Support A Woman’s Growing Breasts & Function Effectively For Breast Feeding.

13:You Must Wear The Right Bra During Breast Feeding,As The Breasts Are Enlarged Due To Milk Production, Maternity Bra Should Not Apply Pressure Onto The Milk Duct,So As Not To Stop Milk Production.

14: Your Bra Is Supposed To Give The Breasts Support Underneath Not From The Shoulder Straps.

15:Put Your Finger Under Your Bra Strap If It Fits More Than 1 Finger You Are Wearing The Wrong Size Of Bra.

16:If Your New Bra Is In The Tightest Hook You Are Wearing The Wrong Size.

17:The Bra’s Life Span Is 6 Months, a good bra Should Be On The Last Hook After It Loses Elasticity.

I Hope You Find The Importance Of A Good BRA Tips Helpful.

Please Share With Others. We All Need The Support Of A Good BRA



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