A quick one

You people remember from old posts that this was my service year abi? Fast forward to today and hopefully sometime in future I shall find a thing or two to blog about my corping experience. In the meantime, my dilemma;


I refused to be called a Tomboy, the tag always seemed to me like a bunch of girly boy-wannabes who announce their preference for male fashion and think it enough to make them more masculine than their mates.

So minus that tag, those who know, know that I am more masculine than female in my inner beauty, let the outer one be showing all the gowns biko.

Basically, this is a rant about the offsides of rolling with awon boys. I dont know what I was thinking but my friend saw this new batch corper while we went for our final clearance. She leaned curvedly against a pole and to be honest,  even me in my mind am like

‘Nna thats a shapy behind’.

So my friend kept glancing back after we passed, and finally went

‘Acha, that girl make kwa sense, abi how you reason am?’

Not only did I go and reason am fine, I arranged the approach in such a way that it would look like we were going to holla the other corper with a baby beside her.

Some ‘oh your baby is cute’ afters that we complimented the baby mama,  I did

‘Bros make I come, I wan buy recharge card’.

The babe seemed to catch our drift and smiled shyly.

Anyway,  as the contents of my khaki will reveal, I no be man. And that is what led to this rant, abeg Bros’es, how do you tell your fellow guy he is toasting a babe too long?

Its 40 minutes already, I no get this kain patience, I no be man, I no be man, I no be Tomboy, 

I’m not even sure I know what I mean by Masculine inner beauty.

Help a sisteh.


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