Losing weight; the mouth style

My baby weight is here to stay this time, please do not for a second think that I am upset about it. It is quite a pleasurable feeling the way my newly acquired hips hug my jeans. I like the way my figure fills up a dress now.

But I realise that when people say ‘Oh you don’t look like three kids’, I find myself wondering if they are blind. My mid section is not quite the taut it used to be.

“Madam, its been stretched three times already, something gotta give!” Said my friend when I complained.

“Do sit-ups” another offered.

I spend time looking in the mirror at my waistline, sucking belle and wishing it could stay that flat. Then something struck me- that is all I do.

I use my mouth to whine about getting the tommy firmer, the most exercise I do(if it counts), is those few seconds of sucking belle.

Post-baby weight worries a good number of women, but I dare accuse some of us, that all we do is use mouth to ‘oh I wanna burn some fat’.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you like it? Like it not?

What are you doing if you like it not?

I am starting this November with putting my mouth where my Stomach is. Thank you for the compliment laced comments of my tommy is flat and I look good already and I dont need it.

Our goals and standards are different, all I want is count my abs, legal isnt it?

All I will do is sit ups, because I musn’t lose even a semi-gram from this my new booty o.

I really honestly do not know much about using exercise to lose weight, else I would have shared. Please if you know the path, tread it dedicatedly, if you dont, start by finding out.

Stop using your mouth to lose weight, it doesnt work.

You just expel carbon dioxide when you talk.

Olori Achalugo.


6 thoughts on “Losing weight; the mouth style

  1. Lol.
    But sit ups alone won’t go, you have to do cardio(jogging or skipping) to burn the fat on top and build muscle(sit ups) to firm up the abs.
    Browse for more sha. Good luck ma’am


    1. Tell them o nne! Better soup na money kill am. To be honest though, sit ups, planks and crunches have been all I ever needed. I find that jigging and skipping makes me slimer all round, that doesnt just work with the Nicki minaj prototype booty I am trying to build.


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