Achalugo, Bras and Chocolates (ABC)


Over the years, enjoying my cravings and junk has proved harder than ABC. From dragging meat in soup with Kabiyesi, to having to hear that panic inducing

“Mommy, cut for me”

“Mommy, pour for me”

A woman cannot have edible peace in this life again. They say mommyhood should be selfless, I really try but please let nobody come and pretend like they dont want to eat their stuff alone sometimes.

I make a mental note to dish some extra food on my plate maka ndi begi-begi, that way I can satisfy my stomach and the feel-good part of my brain.

However, I enter the store and eat when need be. Often though, I stubbornly sit in front of my AfricanMagic because somehow somehow watching tv and eating is a merrier experience. I use eye to pursue them then and it works.

When Its chocolate or icecream or pizza its a different ball game o. Infact as I am narrowing the eye 100Watts will be mimicking the eye and pointing adamantly to the thing.

Once I had hidden well in my room and spread my goodies on the bed ready to devour, next thing

” 100watts! Mommy is here o, av find her, av catch her”

Shineke! *tears*

Once beaten, never again. So recently I was about to have a solo party, I heard Kabiyesi, TheBoss and 100watts running in from some outing,  I activated ninja mode and a furtive glance round the room settled for my underwear bag.

I dont trust anybody o, because their father tiffed it from my drawers the last time.

…And so people, that is how I devised the Achalugo, Bras and Chocolate (ABC) method of hiding things from begi begi and tiff tiff people.

And I dunno but ehn, when I empty that bag in solititude, the sight of these Choco sometins fill up Achalugo’s cups of joy…literally.

Warm regards,
Olori A.


4 thoughts on “Achalugo, Bras and Chocolates (ABC)

  1. Hahahahaha! I can relate…. Even at my age I do this to my mum a lot. Sometimes sha she no dey gree o! Her favorite statement when we come begging is “Mothers also have mouths to eat” If I persist, she will follow up with the story of how she labored for me for nineteen hours!!! that always sends me running. Great piece, much respect Achalugo


  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    I guess the day ant Z and his comrades start kissing your precious places, sympathisers will be scarce indeed.


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