The way to a man’s heart…begins from the market

I engage in Food porn.

I chase recipes up and down like no man’s business. I want to add more ways to my twenty ways to cook Egusi, ten ways to prepare Oha, I like my Ofe Owerri having some gangsta traffic.

Gangsta traffic: (Adjective), the word Kabiyesi uses to describe soup so rich in assorted meat there is no room to dip  your fufu in.

So if cooking is orgasmic for you as it is for me, you will admit that food market trips are foreplay.

In between carrying my market bags, my young man escort-Dominic found a way to take this photo of me, I like it much.


So ladies, what are you cooking this weekend? Its Ofe akwu, Ofe utazi and Ofe oha at this end.

And if you have my address, you know you are welcome!

Have a great weekend.

Olori Achalugo


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