Mommy know thy role…and to thy role be true


I have gotten to that point in parenthood, where your kids are old enough to emotionally blackmail you.

“Mommy, I won’t play with you again”

You better not think that is a meaningless threat, it works wonders. You just feel this knot in your chest and you are moved to right your so called wrong.

So this morning, Kabiyesi had church meets and a few here and there solo movements.

TheBoss struck

“Mommy, Daddy said he will take us out since and he hasn’t”

P:s: Definition of Since: The time between one take out and the next, usually seventy-two hours at most.

I decided to play daddy, after all I have over four functional debit cards (What you get when you have banker friends who swear they wont forgive you, if you do not open accounts to enable them meet their targets)

So I had a very funfilled and eventful day to say the least, we even got daddy some take away.

Fastforward to evening, Nepa takes their thing and I ran to turn on the generator.

TheBoss: How many times have I told you, you are not a daddy. Stop doing that, mom, you will hurt yoursef.

I laughed it off

Me: But my boy, it is okay o, nowhere hurts me.

He shrugged, said “Okay” and walked off.

**New Message**

From my bank, Network is probably the reason my debit alerts are just coming in.

Two highlights: “Amount Debited” “Account Balance”

I bit my lips.

Just lying here quiet on my bed, feeling one kind of hurt that is not physical.

My son was right. I have hurt myself playing daddy with my debit card…and Ouch!

Olori Achalugo.

P:S:  Thank you for 2014 to my awesome readers all over the world( Yes, I said so) , have an amazing 2015!

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