Spell Tired: A-c-h-a-l-u-g-o

This used to be a joke between my friends and I, during my undergraduate days. It is much more fun to watch us act it out, so I’m afraid the meaning may be lost to a few.

Very simple o.

Illustration: Tinuke likes to behave so silly that you are convinced she is quite the definition of silly. Once you have that conviction, you just move to the next step of being so convinced you replace the spelling of ‘Silly’ with ‘Tinuke’.

So this evening, this is how to spell tired- A-c-h-a-l-u-g-o.

My weekend was busy, workshop session, church, training session, baby dedication Faaji etc. As against my usual flawless, I woke up tired and grumpy today.

For a second, I was like “Sebi my mates wey never marry no go wake up by this time to dey prepare breakfasts and lunchpacks”. Those kind of thoughts are what tiredness can bring to your head.

TheBoss too woke up stoned, high from all the running and playing around he did yesterday at the party.

“Mommy, my leg is paining me”

I shot him this no jokes looks “Me too, everywhere is paining me”.

Because this Children ehn, if you give him breathing space, he will just start with tales of how he doesn’t want to go to school and needs the doctor.

Spent the greater part of my day playing catch up, waking up thirty minutes late can cost you a lot.

I’m just done with homework, cooking dinner, the meat wey Chichi buy no just gree soft.

100watts did a great deal of littering her clothes and anything she laid her hands on this evening. TheBoss? Terrible threes…can’t even say what or what not, just generally making me expend energy.

Deadlines are haunting me, dancing atilogwu in my head.

Only Nnebaby is behaving herself, except She wants to suck me into coma. But errr, they say her father is not owing brideprice so I am just compliant.

I don’t even know if this is logically arranged, or coherent to your eyes. I just want to sleep soon, @wurawendy1 on instagram say make the weekend start again, that she wasn’t ready.

Nne, borrow me that quote abeg.

Olori Achalugo.

P:s: Did I tell you guys that a very nice guy read my blog posts, discovered through them that I like to hide white toblerone to munch at 2.00am? He sent me a huge goodybag of white chocolate for christmas!…and before you raise your brows, a bottle of wine for Kabiyesi. Thank you much Mr.E.

So sharing is caring. 100watts has bounced me as the first birthday of the house,counting down to her 2nd birthday -February 8. I want to give away two party packs to kids of any of my readers.(Lagos residents only sadly). Just comment that you would like one, and we will discuss the sending via e.mail. Godmothers, godfathers, uncles and aunties equally welcome, all you need is a child to give it to.



13 thoughts on “Spell Tired: A-c-h-a-l-u-g-o

  1. Achalugo I want a pack ooo…Haapy birthday to 100watts in advance. The kids will soon sing sweet mother for you…that’s the reward. Well done


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