HOW TO: Styling your baby-girl’s afro hair

I thought I survived the busy weekend scotfree, till I looked at 100Watt’s hair a few minutes before they left for school.

I had zero time to braid or style. So here is a pretty quick fix;

  1. Dampen hair with a spray mix of water and oil.

  2. Massage moisturizing gel sparingly into the hair strands. (All that grease is not needed)

  3. Use fingers to detangle quickly

  4. Use fingers to section out the front, like you wanna do a bang/fringe and pin down to hold.

  5. Get an old shoe lace and pack the back into a puff. (I use this on her hair and mine because 1. We dont use rubber or hair bands, they snap, plus feel like your blood is being sipped on by some imaginary beings. 2. The lace allows us have the puff neatly packed, hair strands stay in place and behave better in it. 3. You can determine how lose or tight you want it, never tight though)

  6. Unpin the front.

You should have something like this;

Hair result
100Watts...dropping quality poses since 2013

So there you go, this is a lovely hairdo for school, church, parties, etc. Throw in hair accessories if you want to spice things up, i’m not big on that for school, they go with ten and return with two.

F.a.q’s/answers on 100Watts hair.

  1. Is it relaxed? No

  2. Why? Kabiyesi wants it that way, and then I didn’t mind

  3. How long has she grown her hair? One year and three months

  4. But she is older than that? Yes, we gave a total haircut after she turned one.

  5. Why? Is it tradition or something? We were used to cutting a baby’s hair at one, while nobody forced us to, I didnt mind a fresh start.

  6. How do you take care of her hair? My first policy to hair management is the ‘leave it alone’ strategy. Little or no manipulation. I also dont buy a million things in the name of natural hair management. I swear by water, oil, conditioner and moisturizing gel only.

  7. You hardly mention combing her hair. Because it is something I hardly do. I am not fan of combs for her hair or mine. Combs are not the only hair detangling methods known to man. It takes longer but I prefer to sit and use my fingers and separate the strands. It helps with unneccesary hair loss and breaking…and crying.

  8. Does she wear hair extensions? No.

  9. Why? Kabiyesi thinks it’s not an affair for children, and once again, I dont mind. I tried it once though, I put her hair in braids with yarn and enjoyed the rest from having to do anything to it for three weeks.

  10. Who makes her hair? I do. I don’t trust anyone else to handle the edges like I would.  I like to leave some hair out around the hairline and pull very loosely when I braid.

That’s about it. This post was 80% inspired by an email request on babygirl hair care.

The hair still looked good hours after school, looks like I might repeat it tomorrow morning or have it thrown into four big cornrows.

Here is a candid from our daily evening strolls(Corn and pear for me, oranges for her).

See that orange seller, 100Watts has put him on N100 daily salary. See why I may take her to the village soon, where these things are tastier and available in abundance.


Have an amazing week,

Afternotes: Here is something similar I wrote when she was younger How to: Protecting your babygirl’s afro


7 thoughts on “HOW TO: Styling your baby-girl’s afro hair

  1. LOL at 100 Watts striking quality poses…. She is such a pretty little lady.

    I use ‘texture my way’ hair softenener and detangler for my hair. It contains olive oil and shea butter. I can swear by it – makes combing my hair such a breeze. No pains at all! You should try it sometime.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chioma dear I love your daughter’s hair!!!! this is really nice, I have kept this at my right hand so I don’t use it to eat eba lol but am sure this will come in handy n useful wen the time comes for me. Keep it up. Thank u. And


  3. Your daughter has beautiful hair.
    Pls Achalugo could you recommend a good moisturizing gel for my lil princess and I. I’m at a loss on which gel to buy and the internet has an overload of info. So pls if you dont mind and if it isnt much trouble, i’lld appreciate a recommendation of a good gel. Thanks


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