Pre-monday mommy tips (lite version)

Some moms begin to get monday blues from sunday evenings😄.

If I am honest, sunday evenings give me some anxiety. I worry about things that would either make no sense by noon the following day…or end up ruining the next morning for good, could swing either ways

So I have 5 things off my head that help:

  1. Go NOW and check your kids’ lunchbox supplies and make sure there is one for each day of the week. If it isn’t five, do the needful -that voice telling you will buy it during the week is from your village people.

  2. Crosscheck homework, don’t lie, some weekends fly past and you slip and find yourself doing homework in monday morning to avoid shame

  3. A pot of stew for the week does magic, stew can be splashed on just anything. Rice, yam, potatoes, pasta, and towards the bottom you can use the rest to do that rice where you throw all sorts into, or porridge.

  4. Keep duplicates of your basic necessities at work. I have -mug,cup,spoon,coffee,baby wipes, lipstick purse,peanut butter. Helps for the days you rush out, let your office people not wonder where your brows are.

  5. If you have girls. Do two things;

a. learn to make their hair yourself, so you aren’t ever stranded.

b. Learn to delegate making their hair!

For the first time ever, I had someone else braid my daughter’s hair. My friend, Memeh, has a hair dresser come over for her girls’ hair and she reminded me to bring mine. I used the time to catch up on our friendship and the kids too. I should host the next kids’ braiding session -one stone, two birds.

And never forget, when the monday comes, amd all the days of the week -staying hydrated helps!

Love and light,



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