Mommy guilt is a thing!

There is such a thing called ‘mommy guilt’, that nagging feeling that constantly tells you that you aren’t doing well enough, that nags you when you have to make a choice between something and your children.

Moms who have to work long hours find they get this more often -I have friends who cry from having to leave their infants at creches for long, from the pain of feeling like no one else can take care of your child like you and yet you can’t

Five ways to manage mom guilt:

  1. Take every bonding opportunity, I try to make sure I bathe the kids so we can gist over that, at any given time, I ensure that one leg of school run remains for me -dropping or picking. With younger kids, I let advise you let them sleep in with you on some days

  2. Call often from work, just to say hello. Set reminders to do this. Listen to their stories and laughter

  3. If you work with a working mom, she really doesn’t need your extra judging. Find a way to make life easier for her and create flexible delivery approach to the work

  4. Build a support system, family, friends. Some of your friends are there to compare your parenting methods and beat you up the more. Find your circle of honest emphatic people

  5. Applaud yourself and don’t beat yourself up. Take care of you! Still look good and keep your head up

You and your babies will be alright

Yummy mommy,


Afternotes: Please share my posts with your wives, friends, sisters, colleagues, whoever you really think would love them. I am passionate about the wholistic wellbeing of a woman as a mother, that she thrives and everything around her does as well.

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