This time of our lives

Like others, through the lockdown, I live.

I am alive, this is what I tell myself everyday, because it is not only true, it is what matters the most.

I wondered for years what my personality was -Introvert? Extrovert?. My birthday this year brought the final revelation, people wrote up a beautiful storm all of my social media, emails, phone calls. I had people tell me that they loved my calm, my peace, my quiet. They wrote that I was the kind of gentle they aspire to.

Then another group called me the life of any party, to the great astonishment of the previous group. Eventually, my friend Chisom fixed it, “you are an ambivert”, she wrote.

None of that matters right now, I told you at the beginning of this read, that what matters the most is that I am alive.

My quiet side, my loud side, all are in protest against this aberration, this home imprisonment, albeit for my own good.

I stopped wondering why.

This was my year Uno? The one year I tried a quarter by quarter plan, but here we are.

So I’ve done everything. It had been easy, being a woman with varied areas of interest, I have kept boredom at bay by rotating from photography tutorials, to filming videos ( a one minute and this) and sharing on WhatsApp and Instagram, to watching Tedtalks, reading books on Acting and watching recommended movies on performance.

So yesterday, when I told my friend, “I am bored”, he said ahhhh, if you can be bored the rest of us are finished!

But maybe I am.

I miss everyday life.

I don’t miss Lagos traffic.

I miss visiting my friends and the laughter.

I haven’t begun to miss school run yet.

I miss my parents, I miss them in a way that video calls can no longer satisfy. I want to visit and have my mother stuff me with her Catfish peppersoup. I want my father to cut some bunches of Banana for the children as he walks us to the car. I miss them visiting and my mom calling my cat a witch, I didn’t like it, yet I miss it.

I miss my motorcycle. I have never been a leisure rider, owning one strictly for commute. Yet, shortly before the lockdown, I gave into a friend’s prompting for a leisure ride. It was so amazing, I wasn’t tired at the end of it, which is usually what I am whenever I ride my bike, because let me tell you, riding in traffic is not a walk in the park.

Literally, that last ride. Lol

Interestingly, my mind still stretches. I sat down to look at my work model, ultimately deciding to retweak it, in ways that two years ago had me thinking that was the final tweak. I guess reinvention is the present continuous part of life. No pressure with this, at my pace.

I hate drinking water.

Today, out of boredom and an abundance of limes bought for another purpose, I sliced some into my waterbottle. I like it. So, maybe, I’ve finally found a way to beat my soda addiction.

I started watching series. Unbelievable, because I hate the longing for the next season, I like my film satisfaction immediate. I am watching ‘Sex education’, I loveeet!

I found a tweet taunting Brymo, it led me to seek the ado about the work in question.

Now, I have ‘Adedotun’ on repeat.

And when the children ask again what all this world pause is about, I tell them, we are having this time of our lives.


7 thoughts on “This time of our lives

  1. Just saw me frowning when I saw the final fullstop.πŸ˜”
    Wow! You’re a sweet writer .
    Coming for lessons πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

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