Things are not the same.

Every smartphone user has their frequently used emoji line up. 🤣 : This used to be first on mine. It no longer is, but its relegation to the second line reminds me that I have reduced my dash of humor to life and living. I said reduced, thankfully, not erased. 😂: because this is now … Continue reading Things are not the same.


Clear the Cobwebs

1999.The New Year eve, December 31, 1999 was different in our home.I had been raised to be as excited for the new year, but not with activities that surrounded my later years.Red was my favourite color, and the morning of January 1 met me with a new dress to glow in, and prepare for Mass.That … Continue reading Clear the Cobwebs

Is ‘your-fada-rism’ here to stay in the Arts?

We now have more than pseudointellectuals to deal with. More than ever, I have seen arrogant intellectualism play out across the Arts, from music to books to films. People will banter and loudly or subtly insult the choices that others make. They will pick a genre, place it on a high pedestal, and decide that … Continue reading Is ‘your-fada-rism’ here to stay in the Arts?

This time of our lives

Like others, through the lockdown, I live. I am alive, this is what I tell myself everyday, because it is not only true, it is what matters the most. I wondered for years what my personality was -Introvert? Extrovert?. My birthday this year brought the final revelation, people wrote up a beautiful storm all of … Continue reading This time of our lives