Marriage is not a school course work

The thing with books is selling point. A book with a target audience hardly ever suffers low sales, especially if the title na magnet to that audience. Marriage books; there are tons of them. They make good reads sometimes, in fact I remember 'The power of a praying wife and husband' by the Omartans'. So … Continue reading Marriage is not a school course work



Morenike Ademiju reviews Monitored, prose by Oladimeji Ojo. She is currently a student at the Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus. When  not studying provisions of the law she reads novels, writes short stories and poems. Monitored is the story of you and I, the choices we make, the consequences of our actions and our relationship … Continue reading MONITORED: BOOK REVIEW


Olufemi Richard Akanni, legal Practitioner, writes from Lagos, Nigeria. I have often wondered what wasn’t done right when I hear of couples who courted for some time, got engaged and eventually brought friends and family together to witness and celebrate their solemnization in ‘Holy Matrimony’ either in their places of spiritual worship or at the … Continue reading TODAY’S LOVE, TOMORROW’S INDIFFERENCE; WHY DO LOVE’S STORIES GO SOUR?

Unplanned pregnancy and the married woman

I came across a married woman in October last year, asking people around for where she could have a safe abortion. It came across to me as a rude awakening that married women too get 'unwanted pregnancies'. I tried a poll, little response. Personally, I disagree with the term -unplanned pregnancy in reference to married women. … Continue reading Unplanned pregnancy and the married woman


Jonadab Utoh has a job but is looking for work. He does a lot of things and among those is speak his mind. He enjoys moments he succeeds at forcing himself to write. Dreamer, lover, bathroom grammy winning singer. It’s been more than a few days since my dear sister, mama 100 watts, commissioned me to do a … Continue reading HEARTS OF A COLOR