“Have a baby, it will be fun” they said

Then I went and had three, and this should be triple fun, applying elementary arithmetics. Fail. Disclaimer: This is not a rant It's 2.45am, and I am being subjected to insomnia under duress. It all began at about 4.00pm, when I did a quick check on them from the office. They were asleep, we like … Continue reading “Have a baby, it will be fun” they said


On nights like this…

3.15am My babies are sick and i'm sleep deprived. African reaction: All these witches have come again! Back to sender. Logical reaction: 1. Children falling ill is part of the journey. 2. 100watts wont leave her brother alone,even when I declared him war zone contagiously ill. 3. The flu doesn't like to leave till it's … Continue reading On nights like this…

If I had a Junior Wife

  I can have a junior wife. I mean it.   I imagine how I would jump off my couch, reduce the volume of my AfricaMagic movie and break into a traditional welcome song and dance. The typical junior wife would be very worried by that show of nicety but I have a structure in my head that would assuage … Continue reading If I had a Junior Wife

An insominic story: Identify your selling point

Sometimes your toddler won't just sleep, you must know and be prepared for this. On some nights, they will wake up and ask for indomie, then ask you to lift them to the fridge so they can stick up their 'indomie thing'. If you dont look upset yet, they will proceed to eat only the … Continue reading An insominic story: Identify your selling point


Stanley takes pride in showing-off to me how his son prefers him to me.I really do not mind, especially as I am not the one the boy just woke up at 1.58 am screaming"I want Ribena and suya" .Stanley grumbles "Go to your mommy".Stanley junior replies "I want your own".And me thinks... Ribena is in the store, … Continue reading AN INSOMNIC STORY