As I put off the fire from my pot of plantain porridge, I remembered the huge feeling of sadness that always came over me anytime my mother prepared it. Vegetables were awful,and then gosh,nothing else should be done to plantain but fry it with eggs! In my first pregnancy, I always left my Vitamins in my handbag till my doctor insisted that if I wo…uldnt take them,I should begin to feast on vegtables and fruits. Feast I did and i’m now a vegetable fan.

The problem now is that I just set my son’s portion before him and he rummaged with his fingers

Me: Dera, you better eat all that food
Oga finally found what he was looking for in the plate,picked it and left
Me: Dera?
Dera: Mommy,everything inyama,I want only fish.

Could this be what the white man called “Nemesis” ?


First posted to facebook:October 5.2013


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