Top five reasons to or to not rock my current hairdo

Over the weekend, I thought about what to do with my hair which has been staring at me since I took down my braids. At this point of my life, I honestly have lost all appreciation for weaves. Its all just the same peruvian, malaysian, brazillian on different heads and I am a sucker for standing out. So off I went to the market (Salons couldnt handle this one)

Photo credit: Chizitere Obioha
Photo credit: Chizitere Obioha

So there, that’s my hairdo at the moment.


1. Show-stopping effects: Do you love second glances? Step into an arena full of people,You will get a minimum of four looks from some people. Forget about whats going on in their heads, the important thing is that they will stare at you. So yeah basically, the hair na notice-me-or-I-die.

2. Freedom: Its absolute freedom. No hair styling, not even brushing of any sort. You can enjoy the thrill of water running over your head in the shower. The rubber protects your hair totally so you are not bothered about it dripping wet. Another plus, you can still rock all sort of wigs on it any day you feel like a different look. It even knocks years off your age, that’s the ultimate sweet sixteen look.

Pose two
Pose two
Pose three
Pose three

3. African-ness: If you are crazy in love with your culture like I am, what better way to express it than by this? I was at freedom park over the weekend for the Felabration festival. I must say that I felt a 100% at home. There you see women sporting their natural hair in all sort of styles; dreadlocs, afros, twists, fade hair cuts, etc. Nobody gave me that ‘are you alright?’ look, infact, a good number of fellas came touching and admiring the hair. I also got a lot of photo requests, which I posed for quite generously.

4. Affordable: The hair is very very very affordable. It cost me N500 in total. That was even over priced, I was the mumu who went speaking polished english and working on some mails with my I-pad. When the hair was done, the hair maker insisted that my hair was so short it sliced her fingers and that relaxed hair rubber threading is N200 but hair that the owner is too stubborn to relax is N500. Mscheeew.

5. Just Because: This is the most important reason, that you try this hairdo just because you want to. For your own self, out of your own confidence. Forget what people would say or think, it is nobody’s business. I tell you most solemnly.


1. The pain: It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. A lot of hair dressers here still have the mentality that the tighter the hair, the longer it would last. You tell them

“Dont pull it madam”

You get a reply

” Oh madam, just stay quiet joor, if I no hol’am e go spoil quick quick”.

So I drank panadol for the headache.

2. Touchy personality: If you have a touchy personality such that every negative comment gets to you, this hairdo is not for you. People will ask you if you dont feel razz carrying the hair. They will tell you its for house girls,they will call your next of kin and ask them to talk you into loosening it.Etc, etc, etc.

3. Mosquito net: I was amused to find out the first night that my hair kept getting caught in the mosquito net anytime I made an uncalculated move.

4. Kids: The Boss discovered that I gave out a little whine each time the hair was touched. So he enjoyed taking revenge for all the ribena I did not give him, the chocolates I did not share and every other offence mommy committed. 100 Watts? That one is just overjoyed at the gloss the rubber gives off, playing catcher with my hair.

5.Outfits: To be honest, you need to throw on some power dressing with the hair so you dont look smaller or younger than you may like. It also looks better on native attires. You can pull it off on some jeans and any other casual wear. For the corporate look, you can pull that too but it would take a little extra effort. I suggest you keep your make up and high heels handy. (When I say make up I mean lipgloss and eye shadow only o, not a fan of masquerade painting one’s face)

Bottomline is this; you live only once.IMG_20131020_140849 Do every non-illegal or non-immoral thing that makes you happy. Take your chances, dare to be different,you are your own individual, leave the band wagon and be happily you.


13 thoughts on “Top five reasons to or to not rock my current hairdo

  1. Lovely Hair Chioma my Schoolmother. Good african Culture. But you are full of humour. Did you barb your hair or why is it short?


  2. Lol…very funny. You totally rock the hair though. I think African hair styles are making a comeback. I’ve been weaving my natural hair for the past 6 months and loving it. I’ve also been getting those remarks of it’s house girls and secondary school children that wear those styles, but hubby loves the simplicity and the cost is definitely an added incentive…lol.


    1. *passing by* na wa o, you didn’t even mention that hubby two aka me liked the hair too. I’m so undervalued *weeping*


  3. *quiick warning to odas..make sure Y̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊r married wiv kids b4 ​U̶̲̥̅̊​ try dis if not ehnnn……loooll but ​U̶̲̥̅̊​ pulled it off..looks great on ​U̶̲̥̅̊​…*my dp for today*


  4. The interesting thing about your article is that it is not just about the hairdo; its more about building a confident personality. You are a RARE GEM in a world where people would rather be ‘follow-follow’ in nature. I love the idea of standing out in the crowd. And the last two sentences drove your conviction home very nicely. Two thumbs up to you. Keep doing your thing girl!


  5. Indeed, “Do every non-illegal or non-immoral thing that makes you happy. Take your chances, dare to be different,you are your own individual, leave the band wagon and be happily you.”

    I second that, I actually enjoyed my isi-owu, it added an indescribable swag to my stride, the second glances made me feel a little more powerful.

    This post was funny, but I definitely didn’t miss the underlying message- “Do you!”


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